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With thanks to Brian Kelly’s excellent blog UK Web Focus blog policy page for this idea and use of best practice.

Policy Statement

This blog is designed as a resource and point of contact for staff at the University of Derby with an interest in Blogging in Further and Higher Education. It seeks to encourage discussion and debate around this subject.

The content of this blog will address pedagogic and technical issues, ideas and processes around the use of blogging in education, with specific reference to the University of Derby, in order to develop, highlight and promote best practice.

The content of this blog and the contributions of the author/s does not reflect the official position or policy of the Univeristy towards blogging. It is the personal opinion of the contributors.

This blog will be checked at regular intervals during the working week to administer comments. Updates and posts to the blog will be made on a regular basis as appropriate to ensure that information is accurate and links to other sources are working.

The author/s of the blog is responsibe for ensuring that the content and design of the blog is appropriate, accessible and easily readable. However, the author/s of the blog do not accept any liabilty for the content of comments published to the blog by others but will act in accordance with best practice when a complaint is received, see section ‘Method of reporting a complaint’ below.

Feedback and comments to the blog are encouraged. Comments which are spam or felt to be inappropriate will be deleted and not appear on the blog. Only minor changes will be made to posts and comments to correct errors.

The scope, audience and content of this blog may change in light of experience, changes in technology and other influencing factors

How to use this blog

Please feel free to add comments to the postings on this blog.

In order to prevent spam you will be required to register with your name and email before posting a comment, your first comment to the blog will be held for moderation, there after all comments will appear straight away, comments which contain 3 or more links will be held for moderation.

By deciding to register and make a comment on this blog you agree to the following:

  • Comments are considered and reasonable

  • The contents of comments placed on this blog are the responsiblity of the user posting the comment and should abide by UK law

  • Comments do not include swear words and are not deflammatory or deliberately offensive

  • Comments do not breach Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Comments make reference to or are related to the topic of the post

  • Comments made by Members of the University of Derby follow the University’s IT Code of Conduct for Acceptable Use

 Method of reporting a complaint

If you believe that any content of this blog is inappropriate, unlawful, incorrect or breaches copyright please provide us with as much information as possible regarding your complaint to the following email address On receipt of a complaint, we will seek to act at the earliest opportunity to investigate the complaint and take appropriate action immediately. With specific reference to copyright infringement, libellous and defamatory content, the author/s will act to remove the content specified in the complaint where the complainant considers an infringement has occured, until a satisfactory resolution between the parties is reached.

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